Be it the age-old port city of Kochi, the cultural capital Thrissur, the calm and peaceful Thiruvalla or the never fails to amuse Kottayam, we have made it easy for you to own a place of comfort.


Olive Ourania

Situated a walking distance from the hottest shopping centre in Kerala, the Lulu Mall, Olive Ourania gives you best every man and woman can dream of in this wonderful city close to the Arabian Sea.

Enjoy the luxury of airy interiors, open and wide exteriors, which is a rare combination in an urban life. Pure air, greenery, abundant space, superior amenities and the best of organised residential comforts can take give you a whole different experience.

The best of the facilities curated just for you. Olive Ourania is a wonderful home and a brilliant investment at the same time. A care for the future and a comfort for the present that you should never miss.

Around 1 km from the Amrita Hospital, 10 km from the Info Park, 1.6 km from a Metro station and more.


Olive Anna

Situated very close to the Infopark, Olive Anna reveals the best of luxury living attached to the urban lifestyle of Kochi with a tint of fresh air. With Olive Anna, greenery and grandeur go hand in hand so that you will never miss a single beat of one of the fastest growing cities in the entire South India.

An active IT hub in your neighbourhood and the heart of Kochi pulsing at a reachable distance, Olive Anna provides the much sought mix of pure air and urban living in one pack.

Don’t miss the lush vegetation, vast lake, large cobblestones and abundant greenery spanning 8.5 acres, just next to a very modern city and a state of the art IT hotspot.


Olive Alisha

Olive Alisha is a treasure to unveil in one of the most promising real estate locations in India. Spacious, airy apartments, luxury health club, well-furnished lobby, clean and charming corridors and very close to the best of posh dining, shopping and entertainment hubs in South India. The cultural fabric of Kochi is well known for its contribution to South Indian cinema.

Having the most promising IT infrastructure very close to you assures never fading value to your property and investment. It helps when the most educated and aristocratic crowd choose your own locality as their hub to spread various amenities and other luxuries that are seldom seen together.

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The tradition and heritage of Kochi are centuries old. People from different communities lived in peace and harmony and gifted Kochi with a great culture and attitude. The people of Kochi are proud, kind and empathetic and were always ready to accept people who wisely selected Kochi as their new home.

Kochi is not only traditional but is blessed with the most advanced urban lifestyle in Kerala. Kochi is one of the most sought out residential destinations in India due to its climate, location and prominence in trade and economic sectors. Kochi is often referred to as the Economic Capital of Kerala.



Kochi is among the fastest-growing cities in India and its close proximity to Banglore makes it a perfect spot for IT and related industries. In fact, Kochi has a wide variety of industrial fabric which is growing exponentially every year without fail.

This has also contributed to the real estate sector and people see it as an ideal destination of investment. Property rates are growing day by day and the city expands rapidly. If you are planning to own a prime living space in Kochi, this might be the right time to do it.

IT professionals prefer Kochi over any other city in Kerala for its solid IT infrastructure and numerous companies and startups investing in this sector. The business-friendly nature, workforce and amenities that no other city can provide make Kochi a prime destination for entrepreneurs IT and others alike.

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Kochi, at the moment, is neither overpopulated nor polluted. It is a perfect living space with world-class facilities. Olive Builders makes it easy to have your own flat or apartment in Kochi at affordable rates with the finest quality living experience.

Kochi International Airport which serves international visitors in and out of the city makes Kochi ideal for NRIs and other elite categories who make use of air travel frequently. The Kochi Metro which serves as the lifeline for many commuters offers world-class local travel facilities within the city limits.

Koch is a port city with great importance. It is one of the entry points to India through the sea and an intermittent spot for ships that travel in and out of the Gulf region through the Arabian sea. Being such an essential hub in the oil trade route, Kochi enjoys scope for continuous development and growth.

Kochi - Salem trade route is of great importance to the Indian economy. This has made sure that Kochi receives the best rail and road network with national importance.

The excellent career and educational opportunities that Kochi offers has influenced the younger population to choose it as their home.

Frequently Asked Questions

While selecting a home as a living space or as investment, make sure that you are depending on a trusted builder. Another important factor is to choose a prime location.

Olive Ourania near Lulu Mall, Edappally and Olive Anna & Olive Alisha near Infopark Kakkanad are the best flats in Kochi.

In the present day Kochi, prime area for buying a flat is easily near the most happening Lulu Mall, Edappally or the most sought areas near Info Park, Kakkanad.

Both Kakkanad and Edappally stand out due to aristocratic crowds reigning the area.

The price of a 2 BHK flat in Kochi depends mainly on the location, amenities and the associated luxuries. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Olive Ourania in Edappally near Lulu Mall, Olive Anna and Olive Alisha near Info Park, Kochi are the new flats in Kochi.

They not only provide every luxury of urban city life but also add the lush of greenery and abundant space to your dreams.

The most happening places in Kochi are the premium location around Kerala’s largest shopping destination Lulu Mall and the area near Info Park where the elite crowd hang around.

It is quite natural that many think Kochi might come close to Bangalore one day in terms of IT infrastructure. The scope is unlimited and people are crazy about investing in Kochi.

Kakkanad is as peaceful as one can get in Kochi. With many facilities around, it is a perfect place to settle down as well as for investment.

The other option is near Edappally which is gaining traction very soon due to multiple high end luxuries finding its home in the area.


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